Kenya Targeted in U.K COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Kenya Targeted in U.K COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Apr 24, 2020 | Jimmie Kariuki

Kenya is among a number of countries that are being considered for a series of coronavirus vaccines, News Today has learnt.

Fergus Walsh, a Medical Correspondent at BBC News revealed that dozens of different vaccines trials manufactured by a team of experts at Oxford University would be rolled out in different countries including Kenya, France and the United Kingdom.

Walsh, while speaking during the interview stated that while he could not assess how successful the vaccine would be, the Oxford University team has proven over and over their abilities with developing vaccines for other viruses including MERS-another form of coronavirus that originated from the Middle East, the Plague disease and Malaria.

“We could be careful not to overpromise just because we are desperate for this vaccine to work.

But the team at Oxford has a really strong record going back to 30 years and have been successful in developing vaccines against a number of diseases including Malaria.”

Walsh said while speaking to BBC.

Walsh stated that clinical trials in the United Kingdom had already began and that the trials in Kenya would be tested if the experts failed to get quick early results in the United Kingdom, adding that the vaccine was likely to produce strong antibodies.

“This vaccine is known to produce a strong antibody response but that doesn’t necessarily equate to protection. We are going to need many vaccines, there are dozens in development so then we will need billions of doses and expect a huge debate over which countries and which groups of people get the vaccine first,”

  BBC’s Fergus Walsh added.

However, Africans have been skeptical with the West’s wild obsession with Africa, with many wondering why the West seems to be so uncomfortable with trying the vaccines on their own people first, who are hard-hit by the virus before bringing them to Africa.

One month ago, the World Health Organization was forced to address issues raised by Africans on social media after a French medic claimed that Africans would be used as guinea pigs for coronavirus vaccine trials.

Kenya has recorded 320 confirmed cases of coronavirus, out of which there have been 89 recoveries and 14 deaths.

In the United Kingdom, however, there have been 138,000 confirmed cases out of which there has been 18,738 deaths, with the number of recoveries remaining unaccounted for.

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