Post Mortem Results Reveal Gospel Artiste Ruth Matete Husband’s Cause of Death

Post Mortem Results Reveal Gospel Artiste Ruth Matete Husband’s Cause of Death

Apr 24, 2020 | Fatimah Senait

Post Mortem results revealed on Wednesday have revealed the cause of death for Ruth Matete’s husband.

According to the Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, Ruth Matete’s husband of Nigerian descent Beloved John Olakanmi Apewajoye succumbed to sepsis and multiple organ failure following a gas cylinder explosion at their house in Great-Wall Apartments in Athi River, Machakos county a few weeks ago.

Dr. Johansen Oduor, who led a team of four other pathologists in conducting the autopsy at Kenyatta National Hospital further revealed that Ruth’s husband suffered 60% burns on his body leading to the complications including sepsis and multiple organ failure.

The autopsy, which was conducted for a little over an hour was witnessed by Ruth Matete’s lawyer Robert Adanga on behalf of his client and homicide detectives looking into the matter.

The Government Pathologist further revealed that there were no injuries or marks inconsistent with the burns on John’s body, contrary to John’s Nigerian friend & social media claims by speculators that John had been stabbed multiple times leading to his death.

On Wednesday, the Nigerian Embassy wrote to the DCI revealing that the Embassy would not send its own Pathologist for the autopsy and would instead rely on the Government Pathologist’s report.

The Embassy further added that John Apewajoye’s remains would remain in the country until investigations into his death have been finalized and the Nigerian government, through the Embassy in Kenya gave a nod to the proceedings.

However, Ruth Matete, through her lawyer faulted the decision to hold John’s body at Kenyatta National Hospital as per the Nigerian Government’s directives, terming the move as unfair and infringing on her right to mourn her husband and find closure.

Matete’s Lawyer revealed that he, together with his client would seek audience with the Nigerian Embassy so as to have her late husband’s released for proper burial.

It is not clear where John’s remains will be interred since there seems to be wrangles and a tag of war between Ruth Matete and John’s relatives in Nigeria.

A Homicide Detective, while speaking anonymously to News Today revealed that Ruth Matete remains a suspect in John’s death until investigations are completed and a report proves otherwise.

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