My Mum Abandoned Me When I was Little for Fear of Being Rejected by her New Husband’s Family-Jackie Matubia Reveals

My Mum Abandoned Me When I was Little for Fear of Being Rejected by her New Husband’s Family-Jackie Matubia Reveals

Feb 21, 2020 | Fatimah Senait

Switch Tv Host Jackie Matubia has opened up on her upbringing, revealing that her mother abandoned her when she was a kid.

Matubia, who was speaking in an interview with Radio Jambo Host Massawe Japanni revealed how her mother abandoned her after she remarried, leaving her to grow up under her uncle’s care.

Matubia revealed that she only realized a little later that her uncle was not her dad, as she had been made to believe.

“My mum got re-married and because she was afraid that if she brought along a baby, her in-laws wouldn’t accept her, decided to leave me behind with my uncle. My uncle used to tell me that he was my dad until later when I learnt the truth. I really got angry with my mum but I found a way to forgave her.”

Matubia made the emotional revelation.

The Former Tahidi High Actress went ahead to refute claims that she had cheated on her husband leading to their separation.  

Speaking during the interview, Matubia explained that she did not cheat on her ex-husband who is also her baby daddy, contrary to social media speculations.

“It’s a lie. There is no way one can go cheating when they know very well that they are married.

I left my union last year and when I told my mum about it, she was afraid that history would repeat itself since her marriage with my biological dad broke. He currently resides in the U.K.

However, she offered her support and asked me to leave everything to God. I have also been receiving support from my step-dad who is closer to me than my biological dad.”

Matubia also revealed that the separation had taken a toll on their daughter, adding that the two were still friends and meet every now and then.

“Our marriage broke because we had rushed into it and had no one to guide us.

The break up really affected our child. She would constantly cry. My baby daddy asked for my forgiveness so many times.

People will always talk whether I do good or bad things. Btw I still talk to my ex because we have a child together. I do miss him after all we had already taken our vows.”

Jackie Matubia said during the interview.


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