‘I Did Not Sign a Contract to Fix School Infrastructure, Fools!’ –MP Tells Kenyans

‘I Did Not Sign a Contract to Fix School Infrastructure, Fools!’ –MP Tells Kenyans

Dec 30, 2019 | Jimmie Kariuki

Kandara Legislator and Tanga Tanga Faithful Alice Wahome has found herself on the edge after making snide comments regarding the state of school infrastructure in her Home Constituency.

Wahome was put on the receiving end after a social media user Boniface Ngugi raised issue about the state of public school infrastructure in the constituency.

Ngugi, in his post, included a photo of dilapidated pit latrine toilets in Kariguini Primary School, a public school in Kandara constituency and where former Nairobi Mayor, the Late Charles Rubia’s memorial is expected to be held.

However, his question did not sit well with the legislator who called him out, claiming that all public schools in the country are n a similar state, before going ahead and verbally insulting him.

“That is the state of school infrastructure. In Kenya. Not just Kandara. Jinga Wewe.”

The Legislator wrote in reply to Ngugi.

Kenyans did not take the statement by the MP, whose arrogance was wanting lightly,  leading to a battle of words between the Legislator and social media users.

A few hours later, the Member of Parliament returned to social media, this time challenging Kenyans to quote the constitution and the Law where it says that she was elected and contracted tto fix school infrastructure, before insulting Kenyans putting her into account and referring to them as Haters.

“I challenge those who have commented to tell me where in my contract as an MP I was given the job of fixing school infrastructure then you will make sense. Wajinga Nyinyi, Haters. “

She wrote on her page.

The Member of Parliament, who is allied to Deputy President William Ruto, could not explain where the CDF Money allocated to every constituency is and what it is being used for.

Alice Wahome has in the past been seen accompanying him to fundraisers in different parts of the country on several occasions leading to questions as to why she could not organize for a simple Harambee in her constituency to help build urinals and pit latrines for the children in her constituency.

Alice Wahome first came into the limelight in 2017 after a video of her harassing a Returning Officer during elections surfaces online.

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