City Lawyer Conned Kes. 500k by Catfish He Dated on Facebook

City Lawyer Conned Kes. 500k by Catfish He Dated on Facebook

Dec 29, 2019 | Fatimah Senait

City Lawyer cum Politician Steve Ogolla has for the first time revealed how he was conned off Kes. 500K wedding moneys by a ‘woman’ he met on social media.

Ogolla opened up about how he met a woman on Facebook by the name Dorcas Sarkozy some time back and the two hit it off.

The two, who never got to meet in person were so dolled up with love to the extent that Ogolla proposed! Yes. The Lawyer proposed via the internet and the two started planning their wedding.

Ogolla then went ahead to send to this Dorcas Sarkozy Kes. 500,000 to plan and facilitate the wedding before everything went silent.

“All I know is that I was in a fake relationship with this ‘lady’ and she conned me in excess of 500k, planned a fake wedding, and nearly drove me to suicide. This is a matter I reported to the authorities but she came back and blackmailed me by sharing my private love WhatsApp chats with her to third parties.”

Steve said in a post.

After trying to go after the lady and report her to the authorities, Ogolla claims that she started blackmailing him and even went ahead to leak private conversations they shared together, slowing him down with a bid to protect huis Reputation as a Lawyer.

Steve Ogolla revealed that he fell into Depression after the ordeal and almost committed suicide, but was lucky to overcome.

However, a good number of Netizens have come out to speak about the matter with a majority questioning how such a smart man could fall into the traps of online catfish accounts.

Some of them are even demanding that this Dorcas lady is brought to justice for her crimes.

Dorcas Sarkozy is not new in the interwebs. The Lady who has come to be known as a seducee (see what we did here) has in the past linked herself to several prominent people.

Sometime back, she hit the headlines after claiming that Journalist Enock Sikolia had left his wife after being intimate with her.

Dorcas, even went ahead to release alleged WhatsApp Conversations alleging that Sikolia had left his wife.

Netizens now believe that Dorcas Sarkozy, real names (Dorcas Akoth Okech) is using some sort of tools to corner and drain her targets.

Dorcas does not feel the need to keep her phone number private with her posting it on social media platforms on several occasions.

Some are even insinuating that Dorcas might be a man!

Dorcas Sarkozy had not picked our calls nor replied to our messages by the time of this publication.

Well, let’s see how this plays out. Shall We?

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